Tranquility Day Spa

2A 200 Main Ave. W. Sundre, Alberta (403)638-2992

Healing with Reiki

What is Energy Healing?

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Reiki comes from Japan and is a very powerful healing technique.�
The work Reiki is composed of two japanese words “Rei” which means Higher Power and “Ki” which means Life Force Energy.� So in essence Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy.�

Everyone has the ability to online casino willkommensbonus mit einzahlung and channel Reiki.� Some of the benefits to receiving an attunement or session is reduction in stress, releasing of lightweight gas weed eater that a person is unable to�or unknowing of and give that person the ability to let it go.� It will balance the chakras, opening blocked energy and allowing the body to function as it is meant to.��

What a person can expect to feel from a session is a deep sense of relaxation, almost like a blanket has been lifted off their body.� Quite often there is prickling, warmth and�brilliant colors�seen.��Problems in life are often visualized�giving a means to let the past go.��


Soul Awakening by Candi

For appointments call Candice Mowat 403-638-9472

Karuna Reiki Session 60 min��� $85

�(above includes Chakra Clearing)

Angel Card Reading������������� $30

Crystal Card Reading������������ $30

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy�� $90

Rain Drop Therapy Session��� $60